REVIEW | Half a Sixpence

A couple of weeks ago we managed to bag some incredible seats to see an equally incredible show: Half a Sixpence at the Noel Coward Theatre, London.

  • Type of Show: Musical Theatre
  • Audience: Anyone and everyone. Bring your non-theatre loving friends, I refuse to believe that anyone could not enjoy this show!
  • Storyline: 8/10 – Quite predictable but still some good twists. A fun and feel-good story!
  • Soundtrack: 10/10 – Impossible to choose a favourite song, I don’t need a skip button when I listen to this album.
  • Funny factor: 7/10 – Surprisingly hilarious in parts!
  • Casting: 10/10
  • Choreography: 10/10
  • Set: 10/10
  • Tickets: Ticket prices range from £12.50 – £77.50 so there’s something out there for everyone! In my opinion, the royal circle is the place to be. I recommend booking directly with Delfont Mackintosh Theatres or at the Box Office. This show also does £20 Day Seats (more about those in a future post)!

This charming musical tells the tale of a young Arthur Kipps who is thrust into unexpected fortune and must learn to live amongst the upper-classes whilst finding himself lost between the beautiful Helen Walsingham and his childhood sweetheart Ann Pornick. The audience is transported back in time by the beautiful coherent combination of perfect set and costume design and the glorious score marries perfectly with this charming storyline. Andrew Wright’s choreography is truly a masterpiece, the cherry on top a perfectly baked cake. The theatre filled with rapturous applause at every opportunity and by the end we were all up on our feet. If ‘grinning like the cheshire cat’ was in the dictionary, my face throughout this performance would be plastered next to it.

You can’t talk about this show without mentioning the wonderful Charlie Stemp. He started the run as a newcomer and is now an award-winning showman and rightly so. His infectious smile lights up the stage and somehow his energy levels never seem to falter – I need some tips! He is accompanied by the truly wonderful Devon-Elise Johns who portrays the role of Ann with grace and confidence. Her powerful and beautiful voice fills the auditorium in ‘Long Ago’ and her duet with Bethany Huckle (Flo) has everyone chuckling. Every single member of this cast gives everything they have to the audience at each performance and that puts this show way above the rest.

I have never before experienced such an accurate depiction of a charming, feel good musical. I highly recommend you get yourselves down to the Noel Coward Theatre as soon as possible, this show is not one to miss! Visit the Half a Sixpence Website for more info!

If you’re wondering where to sit, read about the View from my Seat in the Noel Coward Theatre!

Have you seen Half a Sixpence or are you planning a visit? Leave me a comment down below!

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