Two Show Saturday

Last Saturday was my favourite kind of Saturday; a theatre filled extravaganza of a Saturday.  We arrived in London at around half 10 and headed straight to the Gieguld Theatre; the location of our ‘first choice’ show for the day – Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. We knew we were chancing our luck at this time in the morning so we didn’t have high hopes for front row day seats but we were pleasantly surprised when we were offered Box A at £15 each. I’ve never been a huge box fan, so I was a little sceptical but for £15 we figured we’d go for it. Mission 1 complete. Now onto mission 2. We jumped back on the tube and headed to our second choice; the New London Theatre home to School of Rock. We were again super surprised to be offered the last couple of day seats, this time up in the circle on row C for £20. Mission accomplished. 

We whiled away a few hours eating full english breakfasts, drinking gallons of tea and wandering through the beautiful Somerset House and Hunterian Museum (definitely recommend but not for squeamish souls). Before we knew it we were headed to our first show of the day. Curious Incident was a masterclass in staging and set design. Everything about it was so clever and perfectly thought through. Simple yet so incredibly effective. There was heartbreak, laughter and excitement all mixed in to one wonderful play. Im not usually a play fan, but I loved this. SPOILER ALERT there was a puppy and I squealed with excitement.

Next stop was dinner in Chinatown and then onto show number 2. This was actually the second time I’d seen the show in a week so you can probably guess how much I enjoyed it! Having been very sceptical about the whole idea, this musical has completely won me over. We both left grinning ear to ear feeling like we’d actually been in the film at the Battle of the Bands. At one point my friend leaned over to me and whispered “OMG I’ve got goosebumps all over!!” (She wasn’t cold). 

It was a wonderful day.

Stay tuned and i’ll be posting about both shows in lots more detail soon and of course i’ll tell you all about the View from my Seats!

Have you seen any shows in London recently? What are your favourites?? 
Comment down below!!

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