West-End Wishlist

  1. Dear Evan Hansen – I have listened to this soundtrack pretty much non-stop since I discovered it. I even broke my cardinal rule of not listening to a soundtrack until i’ve seen a show for this one and it was so worth it. No-one should be deprived of such a beautiful score – so perfectly performed by the wonderful Ben Platt. Remember the weird geeky reject in Pitch Perfect? Yep, that’s Ben Platt – he actually has the voice of an angel sent from heaven directly to Broadway. I’m hoping and praying that God sends him over to London next to bring Dear Evan Hansen to the wonderful West End. I need to see this musical ASAP.
  2. Miss Saigon – I was truly heartbroken when this show closed in London. It is without a doubt my number 1 favourite musical of  all time. I have the live recording on DVD, I have the soundtrack downloaded on spotify and I have my tickets to the UK tour – but nothing quite compares to seeing it live at the Prince Edward Theatre with the most perfect cast imaginable. Eva Noblezada + Rachelle Ann Go + Hugh Maynard + Alistair Brammer + Jon Jon Briones = The most perfectly cast performance of Miss Saigon that has and ever will exist.
  3. Groundhog Day – I’ve already mentioned this one in my other posts, but I am hoping Groundhog Day will be back in the West End someday in the future. Preferably the not too distant future. I was so disappointed when it ended before I’d managed to see it.IMG_8365
  4. Book of Mormon Day Seats – There is nothing I hate more than ticket lotteries. I think day seats are so much more fair. If someone is willing to get up at 6am and wait in the cold for 4 hours to get Day Seats, they most definitely deserve them. But when I’m at my 15th BOM lottery and the guy that just entered cause he wandered past and wondered what was happening wins and doesn’t even look
    that happy and I’ve lost yet again, thats not cool I’m not OK with that. He didn’t deserve that ticket, I DID! I would have queued up at 6am for that ticket, I have tried to
    win this stupid lottery so many blooming times and nothing. Day Seats are the way forward. (I have actually won the BOM lottery once and it was the best day of my life
  5. Awards Ceremonies – I would love to get tickets for next years WOS Awards and Olivier Awards. I think it’d be fabulous to be at the ceremonies, they are the perfect opportunity to get super glammed up, celebrity spot and of course watch the wonderful performances! I’m gonna be on the ball and straight on those ticket booking websites next year.

So there we have it, my West End Wishlist. What would be on your theatre themed wishlist? Comment down below!

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