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I recently saw the fabulous play ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ at the beautiful Gielgud Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue in the heart of London’s West End.  You can read my review of the play HERE but for now, this is how I found the view from my seat.

Date: Saturday 18th March, Matinee

Seat: Box A1&2

Price: We managed to get these tickets as Day Seats. We were chancing our luck a little as we got to the theatre at around 10:40 on a Saturday Morning, so we were really happy when the lady in the Box Office said there were still day seats left! Day Seats for this show are an absolute steal at £15 each. The front row is reserved for day seats and they are generally given out first before the boxes.

View: The view was surprisingly good. I’m a bit of a Negative Nancy when it comes to box seats as I’ve sat in some pretty awful boxes in my life with extremely restricted views, but I was pleasantly surprised by the view from this box. My friend and Iwere the only 2 in the box and we swapped seats in the interval as the seat furthest from the stage had a slightly better vantage point. Of course, as expected you do miss the action in the back corner adjacent to the box you’re in, but the vast majority of the action in this play is focused centrally towards the front of the stage. The lighting rig is a slight annoyance but nothing too major. I would say we missed maybe 5% of the action – hardly anything. There is one moment where the main man stands within touching distance for a good minute or so – we had tolean back to avoid all eyes in the theatre being directly on us but it was pretty cool!! I actually think that these seats are better than any in the stalls, including premium price seats. This is because during the show, Christopher draws on the floor of the stage and builds a train track which would be missed if you were seated in the stalls, particularly towards the front as the stage is quite high. The drawings are projected, but I think being able to see these in action really adds to the experience. Its always fun being in a box anyway, you feel like royalty and get your own fancy side room in this theatre!! Plus, you’ll definitely not have to deal with the usual culprits with terrible theatre etiquette in these seats!

I would absolutely recommend these seats without hesitation. In fact, if I was heading back to this theatre – these would be my first choice. For £15, you can’t go wrong.

Have you been to the Gielgud Theatre? Let  me know in the comments down below and check out my review of the marvellous Curious Incident play!

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