THEATRESS TIPS #1 | TheatreMonkey

Today is a big day, Theatress Tip #1. I thought i’d start off with one of my all time favourite websites when it comes to anything theatre related: Theatre Monkey.

TheatreMonkey is my number 1 stop whenever I’m buying show tickets – in fact I won’t purchase a ticket without double checking with the Monkey first. I’ve been known to stand at the theatre box office double checking day seat views before handing over my cash.

If you’re wondering what the view from your seat will be like, this is the place to go! There are seat plans showing colour coded quality ratings as well as honest reviews from theatregoers. They’ve got London covered.

They also have show schedules, day seat information and discount theatre tickets. There are things on that website that I haven’t even discovered yet, it’s a West-End Wonderland.

Steve (the brains of the operation) also has a twitter page @theatremonkey1 (with a super cute monkey profile pic) where he’s always happy to answer questions and he’s pretty speedy with his replies too! There’s not much about the West End that he won’t be able to answer. Thank You Steve if you’re reading this for putting up with me!!

So thats that – head to TheatreMonkey before you buy your tickets. Don’t be the kid who payed £100 for a seat behind a pillar, be the kid who paid £20 for a perfect unrestricted view, extra legroom seat in the dress circle!

If you have any top tips, leave me a comment down below!! If you found this useful please like and subscribe!!

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