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Last year I embarked on an incredible 9 month adventure through Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the USA. I have so many images from that trip, so I thought maybe I could do a weekly THEATRESS TRAVELS – sharing my favourite images with little bit of chatter on the side!

So first off: Sydney, Australia – a beautiful city on the gorgeous Australian East Coast.

I found Sydney to be a super modern city on the whole, with a few gorgeous old buildings thrown into the mix. The old and new blend perfectly here. I particularly appreciated how clean and open the city feels, but I have to say it certainly isn’t one of my favourite cities. It has more of a professional business vibe than a fun, easy breezy vibe, and really other than the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House – theres not a whole lot to see. I did enjoy my time here though, and its definitely worth a quick visit if you’re passing by!

Circular Quay is pretty much the hub of the city – with ferry terminals, lovely little eateries with picture perfect views and of course the 2 main attractions. I was lucky enough to enjoy New Years Eve with one of my best friends in the world under the Sydney Harbour Bridge which was an unforgettable experience and the most incredible way to kick off my travels. Definitely up there in my best ever NYE celebrations and will be a hard one to beat.

When it comes to the Sydney Opera House, definitely get up close and personal. I never realised that it is actually 2 separate buildings joined underground, or that its not actually white!!! Mind=Blown. It also feels absolutely massive when you’re stood right by it!! I took a tour and to be honest I wish I didn’t. It was very expensive and its not even a very nice building inside, especially when comparing it to European theatres. Its like a concrete jungle in there. We did catch an orchestra rehearsal on our way around though and it was stunning – that was the best bit! The Opera Bar just under the giant sails has to be one of the best locations for evening drinks in all of Sydney and is surprisingly reasonably priced (for Sydney that is).

Whilst you’re in Sydney you must venture out to the coast!! Of course Bondi Beach is the place on everyones list, but don’t forget about the rest of this magnificent coastline! Whilst you’re in Bondi, make sure to do the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk which will take you past numerous gorgeous little beaches. Take the famous Sydney ferries over to Manly one day – preferably a Sunday so you can catch the markets – and if you have time, head up to explore the Northern Beaches!!

If you fancy heading a bit further out and enjoy the great outdoors, the Blue Mountains is around 1 hour 30 minutes away. Personally, I wasn’t too impressed – it definitely doesn’t make it on my top 10 national parks but its worth a visit if you have some extra time to kill in the area. I wouldn’t highly recommend it though. If you do go, try and trek down into the heart of it. There are a bunch of touristy trains and cable cars there that may or may not be fun – I can’t help you there as I gave them a miss.

If zoos are your thing, Taronga Zoo is just outside of Sydney and accessible by Ferry from Darling Harbour! I’m not a Zoo person, but we had a ball dancing in the torrential rain that day. It also boasts an impressive view of the city.

Thats all for now, thanks for joining me! If you have any questions or just fancy a chinwag, leave me a comment down below or join me on Twitter and Instagram !!

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