VIEW FROM MY SEAT | Noel Coward Theatre

This was my second time visiting this lovely little theatre and second time seeing the amazing Half a Sixpence. You can read about my thoughts on the show HERE, but in the meantime, here is how I found the view from my seat!

Date: Wednesday 8th February, Evening

Seat: Royal Circe, F10

Price: £25 using the wonderful ‘Its a gift’ offer (which I explained a little in my last seat review). Unfortunately that offer is over now but I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll be back for Christmas 2017! Without the offer, this seat is usually £75 which I personally feel is a little pricey. Being a poor student I would never to be able to afford that kind of price but if you have the money, the view is good.

View: The view from this seat was excellent. We could see the entire stage without any issues. The stage at the Noel Coward is quite high meaning that the Royal Circle feels about level with the actors, so its the perfect place to be seated. Its a reasonably small theatre, so even at the back of the section you don’t feel too distant from the stage. The theatre wasn’t jam packed so we were able to scoot along a couple of seats meaning the seats in front of us were free, but before the scoot we did find the heads of those in front of us to be a little annoying. They did have abysmal theatre etiquette though which definitely made it worse. I have to say that I enjoyed the show more from row B of the Royal Circle than I did from this seat. You are just that tiny bit further back here which made me feel less involved, so if I had the choice I’d absolutely pay a little extra (£10-£20 max) to be that bit closer to the stage – I think it made a huge difference. This row is close to the back of the circle but the overhang was not an issue. The one and only thing about this seat that really bothered me (apart from the bad theatre etiquette) was that we could constantly hear people talking on the radio of the usher closest to us. I don’t know if this was just a one off or if this particular usher just had her radio super loud, but perhaps avoiding seats near the doors would be a good idea if possible.

Overall, a really great view for a really great show. I would definitely sit here again if I couldn’t afford seats further forward. I think next time I go I may try the side blocks in the royal circle. These seats are substantially cheaper than those just across the aisle and the view seemed perfectly good when I gave them a try after the show! I’d avoid the first and last 3 of row A, but otherwise I imagine these would be a steal! I’d definitely choose the Royal Circle over the stalls every time due to the high stage at this theatre.

I hope this is useful to someone out there! Have you visited the Noel Coward Theatre or seen the fabulous Half a Sixpence? Let me know in the comments down below!

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