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I recently ticked off a show that had been on my West End bucket list for a ridiculous amount of time – Book of Mormon. I will be reviewing the show in a couple of weeks but in the meantime, here is a little about the view from my seat at the Prince of Wales Theatre.

Date: Saturday 11th March, Matinee

Seat: Stalls A22

Price: We FINALLY won the Book of Mormon lottery!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, it was a very long time coming – I screamed with excitement. So that meant our tickets were £20 each. Each week there is an online lottery for the following weeks performances and everyday there is a lottery a couple of hours prior to the performance in person at the box office (that’s the one we won). If you’re unlucky like me, be warned – you may be entering this silly bloody lottery for a very long time before you finally bag some tickets. If you’re lucky, I’m incredibly jealous.

View: This is a front row seat so the view was excellent. Obviously you are incredibly close to all the action and feel really involved in the show. The stage at the Prince of Wales theatre is pretty low compared to some theatres, so I didn’t find myself craning my neck at all and you didn’t miss the actors feet or any of the set. I really have absolutely no complaints regarding the view. I do however have a complaint regarding the sound from this seat. We were quite central but unfortunately closer to the side of the drummer, who really went to town on his symbols in some of the songs. This completely drowned out the actors voices at times and I found it really hard to make out what they were saying. It wasn’t a huge issue; it didn’t affect every song and it never affected a song for more than a few seconds at a time – but it definitely put a little dampener on my viewing experience!! Still, I would sit here again without hesitation at £20! If you find yourself with a choice – pick a seat towards the left of the first few rows, further away from the drums! After row C, I don’t think sound would be a problem. This theatre is surprisingly small, so honestly I don’t think you could get a terrible view from any seat here.

Have you been to the Prince of Wales theatre or are you planning a trip? Lets chat!! Leave me a comment down below or join me over on Twitter and Instagram!

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