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I know what you’re thinking – oooh she’s been on a really bad tour of London and she’s giving it a really really rubbish review. You’re wrong. Actually, I’ve been on a really good tour of London which was just full of bullshit.

Bullshit London is actually the name of a very enjoyable factually inaccurate walking tour which shows you some of London’s most famous sights and their reimagined history. My friend and I joined the ‘Southbank Tour’ which took us from the steps of St Pauls, over the river, along Southbank and round to the steps of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square. Its a reasonably brisk, very beautiful and rather hilarious 2 hour adventure.

So whats the point in joining a walking tour if you don’t learn anything? IT’S FUN! Our tour leader Reuben was welcoming, friendly and looked absolutely fabulous in a sparkling red jacket and he provided a full 2 hours of top notch entertainment. Before we embarked on our journey my friend was chosen as “Officer Johnson” and another girl as the “Shhh master” – both of whom were given very fetching high-vis jackets and very important jobs for the rest of the tour. We set off and the hilarity began immediately. The jokes throughout were clever – using the names of buildings to create hilarious puns and connecting sites from the beginning of the tour to later landmarks in some roundabout bullshit kind of way. There were stories about deans, severed arms and whey which linked in hysterically ingenious ways to road signs and buildings. We met TV stars and discovered the hidden secrets of the Thames. There were moments of ‘team building’ within the group whereby we formed circles and stared lovingly (and slightly awkwardly) into each others eyes. We laughed, we side-stepped, we photobombed and overall, we all had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Think of Bullshit London as a walking stand-up show. Don’t join the tour expecting to be filled with historical facts and figures, join expecting a hilariously entertaining evening admiring some of London’s loveliest landmarks in good company. Anyway, why would you want to learn about history when you can visit the actual bushes that Kate and George Bush were named after?!

I’ll gladly recommend this tour without hesitation for all those with a reasonable sense of humour. Go and have a blooming good evening – £10 for a 2 hour stand-up show is an absolute bargain so don’t miss out!

If you want more information, head over to the Bullshit London Walking Tours Website!!

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*I was kindly gifted tickets in exchange for an honest review

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