VIEW FROM MY SEAT | Birmingham Hippodrome

I have seen many many shows at the wonderful Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre in my time, but on my recent visit to see the Billy Elliot UK Tour I had my best view yet.

Date: Friday 21st April, Evening

Seat: Stalls G12

Price: I paid £30 for this seat using Birmingham Hippodrome’s amazing Student Standby offer. 24 hours prior to each performance management will decide whether or not the deal is running and if it is you can call and reserve up to 2 best available seats for the lowest price. You will need to show valid student ID upon collection from the Box Office. Such an amazing deal! This seat would have been £60 at standard price. From having a nosey at their website, I believe it is offered at a cheaper price than its neighbours just across the aisle – definitely a steal I’d say if this is the case.

View: Firstly, this seat is off on its own – with the aisle on one side and a safety bar on the other. It was perfect for me as I was on my own on this occasion and it means there is absolutely no-one’s head blocking the view in front of you, no-one to rustle sweet wrappers on either side and plenty of leg-room. It was also this aisle which was used by cast members during the performance meaning they got super close, so that made it extra special. The view was perfect, an ever so tiny slither of stage left is cut off but when I say tiny I really do mean tiny. I didn’t miss any action, just some details of the set. I felt really close to the stage and involved in the performance. Sound quality was perfect.

I have absolutely no complaints about this seat and would highly recommend to anyone!! An absolute steal if the central section is the next price up.

You can click here to read my Billy Elliot UK Tour REVIEW !!

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