Exploring Blenheim Palace

I love an excuse to be a tourist as much as the next person, so when my American friend came to stay for a few days I decided it was the perfect time to tick off Blenheim Palace from my list of must see sights. Its one of those places that I’ve been dying to visit but could never quite justify the cost – £21 for a student is pretty steep.

The palace itself is absolutely beautiful and home to some interesting British history. The legendary Winston Churchill called the palace home and inside there is a nice exhibit dedicated to his achievements. You can also catch a glimpse of his very own locks of hair – pretty cool hey? The rest of the interior is nice but not particularly impressive – standard country house material I’d say, but the exterior of this magnificent place are what really stands out.

The estate is a massive 2000 acres and comprises gorgeous palace views, formal gardens, the Column of Victory and a stunning great lake. We spent a good chunk of time just wandering, taking in the views. Please don’t make the same mistakes as us – take a picnic. The jealousy was real watching others enjoy theirs and unsurprisingly the cafe’s inside the grounds offer only extortionate prices.

Another real treat in the grounds is the Pleasure Gardens which are home to a gorgeous (uncomfortably humid) Butterfly House and the Marlborough Maze – and to get to the gardens you can board a gorgeous little train! We’re two oversized children so we were entertained for hours. We raced around that maze determined to beat the average time and I am proud to announce that we did indeed beat it by a whole minute. I had my doubts half way through but determination prevails.

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I would highly recommend it! You can choose to visit only the grounds but I’d say it is worth getting up close and personal with the palace and gardens. They are just stunning!

For more information, check the Blenheim Palace Website!

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  1. itsellamentary

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Blenheim! I used to go to the gardens a lot as a kid so there’s a lot of nice memories attached to that place! Also they shot some scenes from Harry Potter there which is always a selling point to me!

    If you ever fancy going again, definitely check out the lights show they have over winter! I went for the first time last year and they just fill up the entire gardens with light displays it’s gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Theatress

      I didn’t know they shot some of Harry Potter there !! I will have to get on google and find the spots when I’m next there!!
      Thanks so much for letting me know about the lights show!! I just had a look and it looks absolutely amazing! Will definitely try and visit!


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