Exploring Hatton Adventure World

Adventures with my niece and nephew are the best kind of adventures. Our latest outing was to Hatton Adventure World, a giant farmyard filled to the brim with fun things to do!!

We saw snakes, held guinea pigs, rode the teacups, bounced on the trampolines, picnicked,  mined for gold and took a tractor safari!! There was literally so much to do!! Our particular favourites were the very funny and impressive magic puppet show by the fabulous Zoobee (highly recommend), and picking our own sweetcorn and potatoes which, if I do say so myself, tasted delicious.

We spent hours there and could have easily spent many many more!! Its a fabulous day out and I sincerely hope we’ll be back soon!! Fingers crossed for a special Christmassy event!


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Much Love,



  1. DougInNC

    Just spent a week on the beach hosting a niece, her husband, a grand niece and grand nephew. I am now physically spent but emotionally rich after keeping up with that crowd. We created OUR adventures in big waves, finding small shells, painting, golfing, making games of our own creation, and laughing through it all.

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