Broadway Baby – Waitress the Musical

As soon as I listened to the soundtrack for Waitress the Musical I fell in love. It went straight on to the ‘shows I need to see’ list and each time I listened it moved higher in the ranks. Unsurprisingly, when I found myself in NYC this show was a must-do and I absolutely LOVED it, so I just thought I’d share a few thoughts!

Although I knew the soundtrack inside out I was pleased to find that I had not cottoned on to the entire storyline! I had a vague idea of the plot but thankfully, there was a lot that was completely new to me. Waitress is endearing and heartwarming whilst comprising moments of true pain and heartbreak. Issues such as domestic violence, adultery and female empowerment are dealt with honestly and with true grit and yet on the other end of the spectrum, are moments of pure joy and complete hilarity. This of course is testament to the incredible acting skills of a superb cast alongside stellar writing and direction.


Those of you who’ve listened will know that the soundtrack is rather funny and let me tell you, the show is even more hilarious. Tears were streaming down my face and I belly-laughed out loud time after time. Christopher Fitzgerald completely stole the show as Ogie and Anastasia McCelskey was hilarious and memorable in her fleeting appearances as Nurse Norma.

Betsy Wolfe gave a captivating performance as Jenna and her partners in crime Dawn and Becky played by Caitlin Houlahan and Charity Angel Dawson both demonstrated exceptional talent. Together, the 3 formed a team to be reckoned with and completely won the audience over with their compelling and heartening storylines. Drew Gehling made a gorgeously hysterical Dr Pomatter, Max Kumangai was witty and loveable as Cal and Joe Tippett was fabulously terrifying as Earl. The entire cast was completely perfect.


I loved everything about Waitress. From the staging, to the storyline, to the music, to the fact that it smells like pie in the foyer (seriously). It has all the ingredients for the perfect musical and I do not apologise for that pun. This beautifully crafted production perfectly contrasts heart-wrenching realism with comedy gold, and all to a gorgeously addictive score by the fabulous Sara Bareilles. You’d be mad to miss it.

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