REVIEW | Cinderella – MK Theatre

It’s that time of year again where theatres across the country are filled with sparkles, laughter, celebs and inappropriate jokes galore – thats right, it’s panto season!!! This years offering from Milton Keynes Theatre most definitely fits the bill – the classic much-loved tale of Cinderella has been covered top to toe in glittery goodness and you could not ask for a more enjoyable night.

This magnificent modern theatre has been transformed into a fairytale wonderland by 3D Creations and it impresses from start to finish. Everything about the production is stunning from the set to the gorgeous costuming by Mike Coltman. The most wonderful wow-factor moment of the entire production was without a doubt when Cinderella headed off to the ball in the most beautiful flying carriage – it was honestly magical. I was amazed so I don’t quite know how the kids coped.

The entire cast was fabulous but I must say that this was very much the Brian and Gok show!! Brian Conley played the lovestruck Buttons and Gok Wan graced the stage as the fabulous Fairy Gokmother. They were brilliant together on stage and had the audience eating out of the palm of their hands. The rest of the leads were absolutely fantastic and a special shout out to the ugly stepsisters for successfully wearing and werking approximately 500 costumes in 2 hours nb. slight exaggeration. If I am completely honest though the real stars of the show for me were the GORGEOUS and very talented horses, I couldn’t get enough.

Cinderella at MK Theatre - Christmas 2017

All of the classic pantomime moments were stuffed into this jam packed production to keep the audience shouting and laughing out loud from start to finish. An unfortunate lady by the name of nikki was chosen by Brian Conley himself as the butt of many a joke throughout the show and 4 completely adorable and hilarious young audience members were enlisted to help lead the classic panto singalong. Inappropriate jokes for the adults were appropriately sprinkled throughout the show and there was plenty of slapstick to keep the young’uns entertained. Basically, Cinderella was everything that everyone loves about panto.

Cinderella is dazzling, light hearted and uplifting for all. It filled my heart with reminiscent christmassy joy ‘and thats the magic of pantomime’.

You can enjoy this wonderful production at Milton Keynes Theatre until 14th January 2018. For more information and to buy tickets head to the MK Theatre Website.

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*Production Images by Milton Keynes Theatre & Qdos Entertainment

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