Berlin Christmas Markets

Berlin is a complete Winter Wonderland at this time of year. The city is gorgeous anyway, but at Christmas it really comes to life. The entirety of Berlin is sprinkled with Christmassy goodness, there are markets round every corner, glistening trees by every monument and enough Bratwurst and Gluhwein to create my heaven on earth. Here are a few of the Christmas Markets you simply MUST see if you’re lucky enough to explore Berlin this Christmas!


This stunning christmas market is located in one of the city’s most beautiful squares. Surrounded by gorgeous architecture and filled to the brim with great little stalls this is not one to miss. I particularly remember the wheels of melted cheese at this market – need I say more?! We paid a small, and I mean tiny, fee to get in to this market but its definitely worth it!

Schloss CharlottenburgĀ 

This Christmas Market sits in the shadows of the stunning Charlottenburg Palace on the outskirts of the city (easily accessible by train) and boasts a beautiful and spacious bar/food area in the centre surrounded by scores of stalls. There is not much I love more than listening to a brass band playing christmas carols with a mulled wine infront of a gorgeous palace. This ones a winner.

Berliner Weinachtszeit

This one was definitely a favourite. The super fun (and cheap) ice rink and the most delicious mulled wine I’ve ever tasted completely won me over. This market is located just behind Alexanderplatz and is most definitely worth a visit. Treat yourself to a drink by the open fires overlooking the ice rink encircling a gorgeous old fountain – magical.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Unfortunately this one wasn’t open when we were in Berlin as we visited shortly after the tragic incident in 2016. However, we did visit in order to pay our respects and I must say the setting was stunning. The church which towers over this market was completely bombed out in the second world war and the newly built memorial church by its side is mesmerising inside. I imagine that when this market is up and running, it’d be absolutely gorgeous!

Potsdamer Platz

There is a pretty impressive christmas lights display here, but this wasn’t a particular favourite of mine. It didn’t quite have the same magical atmosphere as the rest but it does boast ‘WinterWorld’ where you can toboggan and ice skate to your hearts content – It’s a lot of fun. Worth a visit if you have time!

The beauty of Berlin at Christmas is that there is literally a market on every corner, I believe there are over 50, so even when you’re not planning on visiting one you’ll most definitely stumble across one! The whole city is buzzing with christmas spirit. To get a real taste of the magic, you need to visit the markets after dark!! Do what we did and sightsee during the day before hitting up the markets after sunset – this is when they come to life! I hope I’ll be back one day to experience this magnificent city again at this magical time of year.

Thanks for reading!! For more on what to do in Berlin, check out my Exploring Berlin Blog Post!!!

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