Cheap London Theatre Tickets – Act 1 – TodayTix

I have a number of tricks up my sleeve which mean that I very rarely pay more than £30 to see a West-End show and no, I don’t sit up in the Gods!! Here’s my first trick…


Its an app that has last minute reduced tickets for pretty much every show in the west end – plays, musicals, comedies the lot. It’s super cheap and super easy! They have front row tickets to top west end shows for as little as £20!

First Step: Download the app. Then log in and you’ll see a list of every show with available dates and prices! Choose the show you fancy, the day you fancy (I tend to do it on the day but you can book 30 days in advance), pick a price and they’ll generate your seats and show you exactly where they’re located! Then you head on over to the payment page and you’re all set!

Its not just London either – I used the app in New York to get amazing seats for Waitress!!

Its always worth a look if you’re in the area for the day, even if you’re not dying to see a show!! They also offer Rush Tickets and Daily Lotteries which are fab! Rush Tickets are cheap seats for certain shows released at 10am each morning, and Daily Lotteries are exactly as they sound!!

I think the app is brilliant and before you ask – no this post is NOT sponsored or anything like that, I just genuinely think its pretty good!

Here’s the best bit – you can get £10 off your first purchase with this code: FXRKK.

Happy theatre-going friends!!!

If you have any questions, comment down below or join me on Twitter and Instagram!!

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