67 thoughts whilst watching Hamilton


  1. OK lets do this. Its raining and theres a long queue but they’re giving out ponchos and I’m about to see Hamilton so it’s cool.
  2. These flimsy paperless ticket stubs are terrible and I hate them but that queue moved super quickly and I’M IN.
  3. Oooo blimey Cameron Mackintosh sure knows how to renovate a theatre. This place is looking stylish af.
  4. OK, good view from my seat thank god.
  5. Oh f#@*, the tallest person in the world has just sat infront of me. I hate my life.
  6. I’m excited.
  7. Eeeeeee its starting DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH yassss !!!!!
  8. Tall man isn’t actually blocking my view – there is a God.
  9. Jamael seems a tad awkward and extremely tall.
  10. I wish I didn’t know every word of the cast recording. I should not have listened to this every day in the car without fail.
  11. I take it all back, Jamael Westman is Alexander Hamilton – so much talent, so much swag and hilarious. Amazing.
  12. The atmosphere in here is incredible.
  13. I think this actually sounds better than the cast recording.
  14. Rachel John is incredible.
  15. These guys are such lads. I wonder if they were really this ladish back in the day?
  16. Cleve September, Tarinn Callender, Jason Pennycooke and Jamael legit look like they’re having the best time ever. I wanna be in the gang. They’re so good.
  17. Do you really need to open your haribo right now?? I can’t deal.
  18. The transitions in this show are so smooth. How can moving a chair look so bloody good?!
  19. I would not like to get on the wrong side of Hamilton.
  20. Ten duel commandments was so well done – choreo on fleek.
  21. Duels are so dumb.
  22. Dear Theodosia was just as beautiful as I always dreamed it would be.
  23. OK this bit was definitely not in the soundtrack and I was not emotionally prepared.
  24. Obioma Ugoala is absolutely killing it as Washington – Incredible.
  25. I wish I had a work ethic like Alexander Hamilton, I would be killing this uni game.
  26. Giles Terera’s Burr is phenomenal.
  27. This cast give me major goosebumps when they harmonise. Incredible.
  28. Act 1 was very good but I’m not sure it lived up the the hype.
  30. Ooooh Lafayette is back in a funky outfit.
  31. Oh wait its not Lafayette.
  32. Christine Allado has the voice of an angel. I did not predict this from her days as Peggy – wow.
  33. I wonder what happened in the room where it happens.
  34. I am so so so glad I didn’t listen to this act on the cast recording.
  35. This whole cast is phenomenal – I’m like legit blown away by talent.
  36. I am loving all the leitmotifs and foreshadowing and intricate details in this score, it is just perfection.
  37. The lighting is adding a whole new dimension.
  38. Jefferson is funny af but also dead mean like can’t you just be friends?
  39. If the woman next to me doesn’t stop sniffling I’m gonna loose it.
  40. King George is my actual spirit animal – he is SO sassy I love it. Michael Jibson is killing it!!!
  42. My heart is breaking.
  43. The emotion is getting to me.
  44. This is so good.
  45. I don’t think I’ve taken a breath for the last 5 minutes this is so intense.
  46. You could literally hear a pin drop right now.
  47. This is so good.
  48. I don’t want this to end.
  49. I can hear the entire audience crying in unison.
  50. Im welling up, hold it together Charlotte hold it together.
  51. This is so good.
  52. Eliza Hamilton – what a Queen !!!!
  53. I actually feel so sad for Burr, am I supposed to feel sad for Burr??!
  54. Hamilton is so underrated.
  55. This is so good.
  56. Who will tell my story? Does history have its eyes on me? I should not throw away my shot. #Inspired
  57. Please don’t be over it can’t be over yet I want more MORE MORE.
  58. It’s over.
  59. Im so sad.
  60. That was so good.
  61. OK I can breathe now.
  62. Lin Manuel Miranda knows how to write a bloody good ending.
  63. Deep Breaths.
  64. I have never seen people jump out their seats for a standing ovation quite so quickly.
  65. OK, I need to book a ticket to see it again right now.
  66. Should I join the returns queue for the evening performance? Is that too much??
  67. That was so good.

So yeah I loved it or you could say I was very satisfied. Leave me a comment down below or join me on Twitter and Instagram!

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Much Love,



  1. DougInNC

    You captured so much so well. “Raise a glass!” Lin sets us up with the Peggy bit and bowls us over with Mariah. Your recognition of the lighting effects did not occur to me until a third viewing (which was my first time in the balcony); where were you seated?

    As for surprises, like the one song and scene not covered in the cast album, did you like the portrayal of “The Bullet?” I am very keen on that creativity. The final duel is so sad every time … because the show is almost done and I never want it to end. Encore! – for another showing and much more sharing of views.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Theatress

      Thanks Doug! I’m very jealous that you’ve seen the show 3 times, I’m already trying to find a way to see it again!! I was in the royal circle, so the first level up from the stalls/mezz ! It was a great view although I’d love to see the show from the stalls! Yes I loved the bullet, so clever the way they drag out that final shot. The entire show is just completely captivating! Thanks for another lovely comment!


  2. mphadventuregirl

    Well, I have never wanted to see Hamilton due to my dislike towards rap and hip-hop. How can those two genres work in musical theatre? It is hard for me to understand the hype behind this musical

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Theatress

      I was the exact same as you, but I was so intrigued by the hype that I had a listen to the cast recording and fell in love with it!! It is completely different to any other musical I have ever seen; nothing like the classic musicals we are all used to but I think thats the cause of all the hype. It is so new and different. It is very well done – there are so many intricacies in the lyrics and score which are really amazing to see/hear. I went in with a very open mind, I didn’t really get sucked into the hype and didn’t have unrealistically high expectations as this is a major cause of dislike. It certainly isn’t my favourite musical of all time, but I really enjoyed it and i’ll definitely be back!! If you do get a chance to see it – I would recommend it, you just have to be open to something completely new and fresh!!


      1. mphadventuregirl

        I am used to musical songs being a certain way. Musical songs need to sound well theatrical. Each time I have heard hip-hop and rap, it sounds like gibberish and seems too gangster or violent. Another problem with Hamilton is just how expensive it is. It currently is touring the United States.


      2. Theatress

        Not all the songs in Hamilton are rap/hip hop the genre is actually very varied. Listen to songs like Helpless, Dear Theodosia, What’d I Miss and It’s Quiet Uptown and you’ll see they’re actually really varied, definitely not all rap!! I agree, it is very inaccessible which is such a shame.


      3. mphadventuregirl

        Hip-hop and rap, I feel like don’t belong in musical theatre. I don’t if it works out. It just seems unusual to be in a musical. I want the theatrical songs and also want songs to be emotional at times.

        It is odd that I said that. I felt like the genre of tragedy didn’t belong in theatre in high school. But now, I realized the genre does belong in musical theatre.


      4. DougInNC

        I had only disdain for hip-hop and rap. I saw the Hamilton musical with no foreknowledge of what was to unfold. By the “interval” the words alone had rooted my adoration.

        I cannot offer the most learned opinion (I defer to Theatress) but this story may help: I observed a woman (“of a certain age,” shall we say) in the Los Angeles airport reading a newspaper review of the show. She was flying to spend a week at a Shakespeare festival as she does annually, so she has seen many a splendid, decidedly non-rap stage performance. I asked, “What did you think of Hamilton?” And without hesitation she answered thusly: “I think it is the best thing I have ever seen.”

        Liked by 1 person

      5. mphadventuregirl

        I don’t quite understand the hype of Hamilton. I always have been like how can those two genres fit in musicals. It just almost doesn’t make sense. All the musicals I have seen don’t have the hip-hop and rap elements.

        I do remember growing up interpreting all musicals as happy and comic, but capable of sad moments. But Les Mis proved me that tragic musicals do belong in musicals and that I was 100% blind to heartbreak. But hip-hop and rap doesn’t feel right at all.


      6. Theatress

        I guess it would be the same as when you discovered Les Mis !! It’s just something brand new that we’re not used to. Its exciting to see musical theatre evolving and whilst the classics will always hold a special place in my heart, I love seeing the fresh, innovative new stuff that is surfacing!


      7. mphadventuregirl

        I wasn’t used to a thing like Les Mis so I was shocked and confused that I didn’t know how to respond. It eventually made sense for me to be part of the musical world

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Theatress

        I love this !!! Hamilton seems to catch the hearts of every generation/ethnicity/stereotype going. Its hard not to be bowled over by such a masterfully concocted piece – the words are just so clever and the way it all intertwines is extraordinary!


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