Cheap London Theatre Tickets – Act 2 – Day Seats

Here is number 2 in my list of ‘reasons I never pay more than £30 to see a West-End show’…


Dayseating is the best thing since sliced bread – LITERALLY. Pretty much every theatre in London offers day seats and here is why they’re the absolute best.

Day seats are often a section of seats which is reserved only for this purpose – very often this is the front row of the stalls. If not, its usually a pretty decent seat elsewhere that hasn’t been shifted yet. Now these top end, amazing view seats are sold at rock bottom prices – I’m talking £20 – on the morning of the performance. That means that every single day of the year, you can get a BARGAIN FRONT ROW SEAT for the BEST WEST END SHOWS if you get the early enough.

See, thats the catch you were waiting for!! You have to get there early for the most sought after shows. Box Offices mostly open at 10am which is when ticket sales begin and once that day seat section has gone, its gone. Obviously, the earlier you get there the more chance you’ll have but having said that I’m a bit of a risk taker and tend to hedge my bets a lot. I’ve arrived at 11am and bagged a day seat in the past but this was not for the most popular show. If you’re after the likes of Wicked or The Lion King, you better get up early.

Now my absolute favourite site for all things Day Seats is TheatreMonkey – Here’s the link the their Day Seat Page which has EVERYTHING you need to know!! They will tell you day seat prices, what time to get there and seat locations for every show in London – they’re amazing!

So there you have it – the magic of day seating. I think this is my absolute favourite cheap ticket hack. If you have the time, patience and cold tolerance to wait – its always worth it!!

Let me know if you try day seating and if you have any questions, comment down below!! Also join me on Twitter and Instagram!!

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