Cheap London Theatre Tickets – Act 3 – TKTS

Here’s tip number 3 for finding the cheapest theatre tickets for the best West-End shows…


The TKTS booth located in Leicester Square is the best ticket booth in London. Each morning they release a huge number of tickets at heavily reduced prices for pretty much every show in London. The only problem is that it is very popular, and with popularity comes people and with people comes queues!

The booth opens at 10am each morning and you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be crowds of people ready to bag themselves a ticket. Don’t worry though, in my experience the queue is pretty fast moving! When you arrive you can have a look on the board to see whats available. Pick a few you’d like to go to because by the time you reach the front of the queue, your first choice may have gone! Tickets tend to be reduced by 25-60% so you can bag yourself an amazing deal!

The beauty of TKTS though is that even if you get there later in the day they might still have tickets! The closer the theatres get to curtain up, the more tickets they want to shift. So if its 1730 and there are a bunch of tickets not yet sold, its highly likely TKTS might be roped in the fill the seats! We managed to bag great seats to School of Rock 2 hours before showtime with this method!

Whats extra handy about TKTS is that they have a website (TKTS Website) that tells you what shows are available over the next few days and the prices they’ll be selling them for! You still need to pay them a visit to buy them, but its nice to see whats available!

So there you have it – TKTS at Leicester Square for cheap on-the-day theatre tickets! If you’re dying to see a particular show, arrive early (before 10am). If you’re not too fussed you could probably chance it! Good Luck theatre friends!

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