Where to sit at Hamilton London

I strolled around the theatre so you don’t have to. Here are some images from around the theatre so you can get an idea of what your view might look like! (I only had my phone with me so sorry for the bad quality)

Royal Circle – Row J Seat 35. This is where I sat and it was a great view. Could see the entire stage, didn’t feel too distant, great rake so the tall guy infront of me didn’t obstruct my view. No complaints.

Where to sit Hamilton London - Theatress 6

Royal Circle – Row A. Amazing view, probably the best in the theatre but it comes with a hefty price tag.

Where to sit Hamilton London - Theatress 2

Royal Circle – Rear. Very much a letter box view and felt a little distant, but still a full view of the stage. May miss the top of heads at times. There are 2 boxes right at the back of the royal circle and I think you’d miss all the action at the top of the steps from those.

Where to sit Hamilton London - Theatress 4

Royal Circle – Slips (Left). Side View of the stage, the whole of the left side of the stairs is blocked but other than that a pretty good view. I believe these are £60 seats though and I’d say thats a bit of a rip off for a pretty obstructed view. There are 4 seats here and I was at the end furthest from the stage, the seat at the other end would have a more restricted view.

Where to sit Hamilton London - Theatress

Stalls – Central. Great view. I was standing when I took this photo so you would obviously see less of the stage floor when seated and I’m not sure how much heads would obstruct the view. Would love to see the show from here.

Where to sit Hamilton London - Theatress 3

Stalls – Rear central. I am so sorry for the terrible quality of this photo!! Quite distant but a great view. Obviously the overhang from the upper circle would obstruct the view of the top of the stage but not enough to block any action.

Where to sit Hamilton London - Theatress 9

Stall – Central Front Row A25. The stage is high and the view is restricted. You miss feet and lower legs but you don’t notice to be honest. It is difficult to take the entire stage in at once and fully appreciate the choreography but the chance to see so much detail and interact with the cast is excellent. Definitely worth the £37.50 I paid but the new £75 price tag is extortionate for such a restricted view. Grab yourself a booster seat if you sit here!

Hamilton London - Where to sit Victoria Palace - Theatress

Upper Circle – Rear. Very very high and this circle is incredibly steep – not good for vertigo sufferers. Still, you have a complete view of the stage and I doubt anyone would be tall enough to block your view with the rake up here. A bit of a birds eye view. Feels distant and you would miss the small details/facial expressions and possibly people stood on the rear platform onstage.

Where to sit Hamilton London - Theatress 8

I regret not getting a photo from the front of the upper circle but I imagine it would be a pretty good view. Still quite high but unobstructed. No safety rail so thats good but I think the lighting could partially block the view. Front row audience members may lean forward which is a pain for the people in row B/C. Id probably choose row D to avoid this.

Boxes – This was as close as I could get to a photo from a box – you can see the boxes at the edge of the image and they are slightly more to the side. The pro is that you are close to the action, the con is obviously the majorly restricted side view. I personally hate sitting in boxes as I think they’re uncomfortable and the view is generally bad so I wouldn’t choose these myself unless they were cheap!

Where to sit Hamilton London - Theatress 7

So there you have it – I did the best I could without being too creepy and climbing over people to get photos!!! For an old theatre, the Victoria Palace is actually brilliant in that it has very few restricted view seats! The renovation is absolutely beautiful and the seats are nice and new! Legroom was quite restricted where I was sitting – not a problem for me but I would imagine anyone closer to 6ft would struggle. I’ve heard its quite limited in the upper circle too.

Unfortunately, with Hamilton being ridiculously popular and overpriced currently we don’t have much choice when it comes to seats but hopefully this will be helpful to someone!!

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