Cheap London Theatre Tickets – Act 4 – Ticket Lottery

Here we go, tip number 4 in my series of ‘ways I never pay more than £30 for a great seat at the best West-End shows’…

Ticket Lotteries

Thats right, you can get theatre tickets through lotteries – just like the Euromillions but you have slightly more chance of winning a slightly less valuable prize.

I may be mistaken but I think the first lottery to arrive in London was the Book of Mormon lottery. This lottery takes place at the theatre (Prince of Wales) 2.5 hours prior to each performance, so get there at 12 for a matinee or 5 for an evening. You fill out a form, pop it in the fancy spinny bin and wait for the draw. The draw begins half an hour later. Everyone gathers and wait anxiously with their fingers crossed hoping their name will be called. You can apply for 1 or 2 tickets so if you’re with a friend you have 2 chances! They reserve the front row of the stalls for this. If you win (you lucky bugger), you’re ushered over to the box office and pay a measly £20 for your front row ticket – pretty good hey?! I have one once and it was WONDERFUL. I screamed.

Another way to enter lotteries is on the TodayTix app. They offer front row lotteries each day for Kinky Boots, Dreamgirls, Everybody’s talking about Jamie and Young Frankenstein at the moment! The beauty of this one is that you don’t need to be there – its all done on the app and if you win you just collect at the box office before the show! Easy peasy and tickets are again a bargain £20!

A brand new lottery that has arrived in London is the Hamilton lottery! Its on the Hamilton app and works in exactly the same way as the Todaytix lottery. The beauty of this one is that you apply a few days in advance and find out if you’ve won or not the day before. Everyone loves a bit of extra planning time!! These tickets are only £10 which is AMAZING.

Book of Mormon, Aladdin and School of Rock also do online lotteries!! To access these head to their websites where you can enter for up to 3 performances the following week! There doesn’t seem to be a set section of seats for these but they’re £20 for BOM and £25 for Aladdin. Again, you get extra planning time with this option as you find out the week before and theres no obligation to purchase if you win!

So there we go, if you’re lucky enough to win a lottery you’re in for an incredible deal!! The only problem is that unfortunately, your chances of winning often feel as slim as the Euromillions. Still, you’ve got to be in it to win it!!

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  1. mphadventuregirl

    Eventually, I have to buy tickets since I am about to graduate from college in May. I rely on touring productions since i don’t live close enough to NYC.


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