Cheap London Theatre Tickets – Act 5 – Student Tickets

I’m running out of top tips but don’t you worry, this is a goodie!! Here’s tip number 5 for the best cheap theatre tickets…

Student/Young Person 

Thats right kids, use your youth to your advantage!!!! There are a few theatres which are kind to us young studying folk and here they are.


School of Rock – I’ve used this one a few times now and I’ve always got a great seat! Every wednesday evening students (with a valid Student ID) can get £10 tickets to this brilliant show! Stalls Row B 1-10 are reserved for this and they go on sale at the box office at 1830 each Wednesday Evening. Ive always arrived by 1700 and they are very kind and let you wait inside. In fact, once they were incredibly kind and sold me central stalls seats at 1630 which was a dream!! This is honestly one of the best seat deals in London!!!

Wicked offer £29.50 seats for students on the day for every show!! I’m not sure how many they sell or if any in particular are reserved, but I got great stalls seats at about 1130 the time I did it! They also accept 16-25 railcards here so even if you’re not a student you can still get an amazing deal!

Regents Park Open Air Theatre offer a Breeze Membership for 16-25 year olds. It costs £10 for the year and you get priority booking and 2 x £10 seats to preview performances – thats a saving of up to £38 per ticket!! Another amazing deal!

Matilda the Musical offer £5 day seats for 16-25 year olds! You’ll need valid ID and an early morning to queue up for these!! They work in exactly the same way as regular day seats but are only available for the younger generations. I also believe they are usually up in the grand circle, but for £5 you can’t complain.

16-26 year olds can also get themselves a National Theatre Entry Pass and bag themselves £7.50 tickets to all their shows!! Similar schemes are Young Barbican, RSC Key, Young Vic and Hampstead Downstairs Club!

That’s all for now!! If you have any questions, ask down below or join me on Twitter and Instagram!! Happy theatre-going!

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