REVIEW | Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella – UK Tour

Matthew Bourne is well defined as one of the UK’s favourite choreographers and so it’s no surprise to see his latest production filling auditoriums nationwide. This popular returning production of Cinderella offers a modernised and darker version of the classic fairytale.¬†This rendition sees Cinderella thrust into the midst of World War II and into the arms of a dashing RAF pilot. The roaring sirens and deafening blasts of the Blitz tear the two apart before they finally reach their happily ever after.

Visually, this production is exceptional. Lez Brotherson’s set is nothing short of a masterpiece. His illustration of the horrifying carnage at Cafe de Paris is particularly memorable. The ghostly choreography set within this mesmerising scene sees dancers brought back to life as the cafe is transformed and returned to its former glory. Truly outstanding.

Matthew Bourne’s choreography is gorgeous as always and marries perfectly with¬†Sergei Prokofieff’s stunning score. His music fits so well with the theme that it feels as though it was written specifically for this purpose. Bourne’s choreography is performed with style and precision by this talented New Adventures cast. Although sometimes a little out of sync, the dancing was close to flawless. The beautiful overlap between ballet and contemporary which Bourne is so famous for works excellently in this modernised classic.

The are a few moments in which the audience is left somewhat bewildered. The storyline is not the easiest to follow and there are a few aspects to the story which I still don’t understand upon reflection. This does retract from overall enjoyment of the piece but nevertheless, such a stunning display of dance and design makes the production more than worth seeing.

Bourne’s Cinderella is a beautifully designed take on a modernised classic.

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Milton Keynes Theatre until 17th Feb before continuing its UK Tour. Get tickets here.

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*Production Images by John Persson

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