REVIEW | Eugenius!

‘Go You Genius’ are the words on the lips of those who have experienced the 2 hours of pure joy that is Eugenius. Over the last month this musical has taken the Twitter universe by storm and quite rightly so. I was invited along to their Superfan event to see what all the fuss is about!


The writers of Eugenius are self professed geeks and have created a show that is a celebration of all things 80s. It’s jam packed full of adventure, imagination and a whole host of 80s references and it’s winning over audiences of all ages. The story follows Eugene, ‘just an average Joe’ with big dreams. When his comic book is selected to be made into a hit movie, this geek is thrust into Hollywood stardom where his comic book dreams quite literally become reality.

My favourite thing about this musical is the brilliant 80s inspired music. There’s something for everyone; you’ve got your love ballad, your comic relief, your big flashy finale and every song is a hit. You’ll be fist pumping in your seat and dancing all the way home.

Alongside the incredibly catchy music is an incredibly fun story. It’s gripping, exciting and a little bit weird. In fact, it’s a lot weird at times (i’m looking at you fish heads) but if you embrace it, it’s a whole lot of fun. The design is basic; the galaxy patterned stage hosts no sets and minimal props but quite aptly this makes you use your imagination. In a story that’s all about creativity, this works remarkably well.

Exceptional story telling means that you hardly notice the minimal design and thats down to the stellar cast. This group have fully committed to the weird and wonderful nature of Eugenius and they have nailed it. This is one of those reviews where I’d like to name every single cast member but my word count won’t let me. Seriously, they’re all incredible. Stand outs were Liam Forde as a loveable and endearing Eugene alongside his sidekicks Janey (Laura Baldwin) and Feris (Daniel Buckley). Baldwin blew me away with incredible vocals and Buckley is a natural comic. These three make a formidable trio. Scott Paige never fails to impress me with sass and talent in equal parts and I also particularly enjoyed Alison Arnopp’s performance.

Finally, I have to say that this Superfan night was genius (pun intended). It is so refreshing to see the cast and creatives appreciate and give back to the fans that support them. Giveaways, photo ops and Q&As were just a few of the treats that made this a night to remember!

I’m completely won over. I don’t think I stopped grinning throughout the entire production, Eugenius is the definition of ‘feel-good’. It’s inspiring, it’s nostalgic and it truly is out of this world!

This limited run will finish at The Other Palace theatre on 3rd March 2018. You can grab yourself 2 for 1 tickets for this Monday & Tuesday using code ‘DOUBLEDENIM’. Make sure you get that incredible soundtrack downloaded (it’s on Spotify)!!

Click here for tickets and info!

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*Production Images by Pamela Raith

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