Drinking with a fork – An evening with Carl Barron

I recently spent a rather hilarious evening with the Australian comedian Carl Barron at his stand up show Drinking with a Fork in London’s Hammersmith Apollo. Although little known on British shores, Carl Barron is a huge name over in the land of Oz. I had heard of him from Australian friends who forced me to watch youtube visits and we were quite literally surrounded by Australians at this sell out London gig. I never knew there were so many Australians in England, I think every single one showed up. If thats not a testament to his popularity, I don’t know what is.

So I was excited to see what all the excitement was about. You can’t beat a night of comedy to cheer you up mid ‘Beast from the East’ week and this definitely did the trick. Carl arrived on stage at around 19:45 and kept the crowds laughing out loud until 21:45 without a break. His set was a brilliant mixture of stories, crowd participation and he even picked up a guitar to strum us a couple of tunes. Once I was fully tuned into his exceedingly strong Aussie accent, I was completely enthralled. A few of his jokes referenced places in Australia which most non-Australians wouldn’t know of so a few jokes wen’t over my little English head but this wasn’t a massive issue. The vast majority of his comedy was completely relatable and genuinely hilarious. He was brilliantly received by this packed out audience and I for one was not ready for it to end!

Drinking with a Fork was an exceptionally funny evening of good humour and wit. Carl Barron is brilliantly natural in his comedy and puts on an incredibly engaging show. This is definitely a name to look out for. I’ll be ready and waiting for his next UK appearance!

Thanks for reading! For more information about Carl Barron click here!

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