REVIEW | Northern Ballet – The Little Mermaid

Northern Ballet have once again blown me away with this truly breathtaking rendition of The Little Mermaid. Inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale this production is nothing short of magical!


Setting the scene Kim Nakano’s minimalistic set design sees 2 large mobile shards woven together throughout the production to transform the space between deep-sea and sea-shore. A translucent backdrop gives a glimpse into the underworld when the action on stage is on land adding further depth and dimension to the story. Combined with innovative lighting by Tim Mitchell the gleaming design of this production sees the audience effectively thrust between land and sea with spectacular ease.

Further accentuating this gorgeous piece is brilliant costume design. Shimmering, floaty garments add to the weightless underwater feel and their reflections glistening in the backdrops make the ocean space feel unending. The result is mesmerising.

David Nixon’s choreography is utter perfection and marries perfectly with a gorgeous score by Sally Beamish. Subtle hand gestures and elegant lifts create the underwater illusion and make the cast appear weightless on stage. The ‘human’ choreography feels brilliantly different and creates a stark contrast between the two worlds. Dramatic changes in tempo and style alter the mood and create the particularly impressive storms in which the sea (created merely by the exceptional cast) appear to swallow up and spit out sailors. Every aspect is innovative, overflowing with imagination and provides another example of masterful storytelling by David Nixon.

Together, this cast of exceptionally talented dancers bring this detailed choreography to life. They beautifully tell this stunning story with impressive precision and timing. Their actions are emotive, elegant and completely engaging.

This production is enchanting from start to finish. Northern Ballet remain at the top of their game when it comes to exceptional design and unbeatable storytelling.


This tour is ending this week at Curve Leicester – for tickets and info click here!! Make sure to look out for future Northern Ballet productions – They will not disappoint!

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*Production Images by Emma Kauldhar

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