Cheap London Theatre Tickets – Act 5 – Seat Plan

I’m back with another theatrical top tip and this is one of my absolute favourite websites!! I wondered if this tip belonged in this series as it isn’t specifically for buying cheap tickets but it truly is a gift from god when it comes to checking whether that £10 seat you saw on todaytix is worth your hard earned cash! is a reviewing site for theatre seats – a theatrical TripAdvisor if you will! They cover pretty much every theatre in London and a few, although definitely not enough, regional venues. Its really easy to use and honestly such a life saver! On the website you search the theatre name and you’ll be taken to an an interactive seating plan. The whole plan is colour coded so its really easy to see where the best areas in the theatre are and if you want to check a specific seat, you can click on said seat and any reviews/photos will show. Even if your specific seat hasn’t been reviewed – there are always a few seats nearby that will give you a good idea of the view!

The best thing is that when you leave your own reviews you can earn rewards! For each seat review plus a photo of your view and ticket stub you can earn 80p and as soon as you reach over £10 you can claim your £10 theatre token! You’d be surprised how quickly they add up! You’ll also get entered into the monthly prize draw for prizes such as show tickets! Its the site that keeps on giving!


I use this site religiously when buying tickets, I’ve even been known to whip my phone out at the box office to check SeatPlan before I commit to the day seat deal!

If you’ve not checked it out yet, head on over to and whilst your there leave a seat review!! The more reviews the better the site!!

That’s all for now!! If you have any questions, ask down below or join me on Twitter and Instagram!! Happy theatre-going!

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