5 Reasons to see Matilda the Musical on Tour

Matilda the Musical has been charming audiences since its development by the phenomenal Tim Minchin and Dennis Kelly in 2010. Since then it has won over 85 international awards on its journeys around the world and now this exceptional musical is touring the UK. Here are 5 reasons why you should get tickets when it heads your way!

  1. Talent – Matilda the Musical’s UK Tour has recruited some of the most talented kids in the country. Nicola Turner is the best Matilda i’ve ever seen and having seen 3 out of 4 tour Matilda’s I can almost guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with yours! The entire kids cast is so enthusiastic and well drilled and they give so much energy. They remain in character every second they’re on stage and their facial expressions are just fab!! Of course, the adult cast is absolutely brilliant and sees the return of the fantastically funny Craige Els as Miss Trunchbull and the fabulous Rebecca Thornhill as Mrs Wormwood! Sebastien Torkia is exceptional in the role of Mr Wormwood, filling the auditorium with laughter at his rendition of ‘Telly’.
  2. Energy – As I mentioned, this cast are full of enthusiasm and energy, as is the brilliant score and choreography. This show is non stop from start to finish and that definitely projects into the audience. The atmosphere is great and I often find myself bopping along to the songs with an embarrassingly big smile on my face.
  3. Meaningful – I think the musical is quite imaginative in the way that it takes the original story and adds new aspects like the escapologist to develop it into something with a deeper meaning. It takes it from being just a children’s story, to a story for the whole family which is great. Whilst the majority of the show is just as lighthearted as you might imagine, there are a few scenes which are actually quite dark which works really well!
  4. Inspiring – Hopefully not inspiring kids to be a little bit naughty and add their Mum’s peroxide to their Dad’s hair lotion but most definitely inspiring in many other ways!! We see Miss Honey struggle to be less ‘pathetic’, we see Matilda fight for what is right, we see kindness from Mrs Phelps and determination from Bruce Bogtrotter! We see the whole school club together to cheer for Bruce and save Nigel from the wrath of the Trunchbull! This story is inspiring in so many ways and I think every audience member can take something away from it!
  5. Uplifting – This musical is colourful, energetic and a lot of fun – even the walk down and bows are the most fun i’ve ever seen! Everything about this production from the design to the choreography to the lighting screams West End Production and having seen both I can assure you that this one is just as magical as the original!

Matilda the Musical is at Milton Keynes Theatre until 30th June before continuing on its UK Tour. For tour dates and tickets click here!

For a full review of Matilda the Musical UK Tour – Click Here!

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*Production Images by Manuel Harlan

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  1. mphadventuregirl

    Not yet seen Matilda, but heard good things about the show. Just will have to wait till it goes on tour in the United Sates


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