TRAVEL | Warsaw at Christmas

2018’s festive trip was back to one of my favourite countries, Poland. Poland is a wonderful place to explore with endless history, stunning architecture, interesting culture and divine traditional cuisine!! Just to top all that off, its a really affordable country to visit too. Warsaw is my third city in Poland and once again I was won over by its charm. Its the country’s capital and a place where old and new seamlessly meet. Following almost complete obliteration in the second world war, the old town was rebuilt from the ground using photographs and paintings for reference which makes the area not only beautiful but really interesting and rich with history. At Christmas, the city comes to life. The atmosphere is buzzing and the city glows with lights. I’ll delve further into the do’s and don’ts at a later date but for now I’ve put together a little photo diary of our weekend in Warsaw. Enjoy!


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    1. Theatress

      Thanks so much !! It’s so interesting you should say that about the Palace of Science and Culture – it’s actually a very controversial building in Warsaw with many of the locals hating it and wanting it demolished as it was a gift from Stalin and the Soviet Union. Very impressed that you recognised the Russian influence there ! It reminded me of the Empire State Building / NYC so I was way out !!!

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