TRAVEL | Guinness Storehouse – Dublin, Ireland

On my most recent trip to Dublin I finally visited the world famous Guinness Storehouse. Now I must admit that I am not a fan of the ruby red (amazing fact #1 – Guiness is not black) beverage myself, but it felt like something that should be done when visiting the Irish capital. 

Ticket prices start at €18.50 and include a complimentary pint of the good stuff when you finish the tour – not too unreasonable! The tour itself starts with a self lead journey through the manufacturing process, from growing the grains to fermentation to roasting and eventually distribution. This first section is basically just your standard museum. The layout is great, its nice a spacious and feels very industrial which is cool. A cafe half way up serves a very good coffee and snacks should you wish to indulge! 

Once you’re past the self guided section, the fun really begins. You join a queue for a taste testing experience where you’re led into room full of atomisers which separate each of the elements of the classic guinness drink. A very enthusiastic staff member talks you through each aspect before giving you each a taster, leading you through to the next room and teaching you the proper way to taste a guinness – yes there is a real technique. Upon graduating from taste testing college, a bell is rung to announce your achievements and you are released into the world to share your new found wisdom. 

Next stop – your free pint. Now you could head straight upstairs and get your free pint poured for you by the professionals but why do that when you can get a lesson in pouring the perfect pint of guinness for yourself?! You’ll be talked through the process step by step and upon graduation from this stage of your guinness career you’ll get yourself a lovely little certificate! Who doesn’t love a certificate? Upon pouring your perfect pint, you can then join the unqualified lot who got their pints poured for them up on the 7th floor and enjoy panoramic views of the whole of Dublin. Honestly, the view from up here is spectacular. We could see right out to the mountains surrounding the city (amazing fact #2 – This is where Guinness’ special water supply is from) and I honestly could have sat up here enjoying the views for hours. The perfect end to your Guinness experience.

I’d definitely recommend the Guinness Storehouse to a friend. If you’re in Dublin with some time to spare, this is a great way to spend a few hours! Very informative and interactive! 

Have you been to the Guinness Storehouse or are you planning a trip? Let me know down in the comments! You can also join me on Twitter, Facebookand Instagram!

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