DINING | The Grand Expedition – London

Gingerline are a team of exuberant dining trailblazers who have been creating new and exciting immersive dining experiences since 2010. This year they promise to take budding aeronauts on an edible adventure through 5 delicious and interactive courses in a “floating, feeding, falling dream”. 

The Grand Expedition is shrouded in mystery, creating an atmosphere abuzz with excitement and intrigue upon arrival at Gingerline’s top secret London location – revealed only hours before the event by text message. Don’t judge a book by its cover when you arrive at this seemingly unremarkable location. A fantastical cloudscape set awaits upon stepping through the portal and in an instant diners are thrust into a whole new world of wonder. 



From the moment you’re greeted and seated you feel completely immersed in this make-believe world. Gorgeous illustrations are used throughout to create the sense that you’re living inside a pop-up book and when the action begins this is further accentuated by the vivid painted faces of the cast and the magnificent 360 degree projections surrounding you. It feels like an otherworldly experience and in no time at all, you and your fellow diners will be having the time of your life in this intriguing and exciting new world. 

The Grand Expedition is an amalgamation of so many things; gastronomic excellence, dance spectacle, interaction and multimedia simulation. Through all these things we are transported across the globe and through the clouds. The illusion is so good it feels surreal and so realistic that those prone to seasickness might need to avert their eyes. Unfortunately, the narration was too loud to be understood as it echoed throughout this cavernous space so a lot of the storyline was lost – an easy fix which I hope will be improved. 

The food itself is absolutely delicious and plays an important role in the storytelling, fitting perfectly within each theme. For me, each course got increasingly appetising until the sensational dessert which delivered a different flavour with each bite – it was magical. Each course is served by actors and staff and encourages you and your fellow diners to get involved in serving up and taste testing together. Dietary requirements are seen to with no fuss. 



Finally, the incredibly talented cast who bring this story to life around you are nothing short of fabulous. They are brilliantly engaging, communicating through a mysterious secret language, hand gestures and facial expressions. They take time to interact with each and every diner and encourage participation which never feels pushy or embarrassing. There is constantly something going on around you and it is absolutely hilarious to watch. The cast made this night one to remember. Their stunning costumes, intricate choreography and boundless enthusiasm were the cherry on top of this exceptional evening. 

The Grand Expedition pushes every boundary to create a completely brilliant immersive experience. The entire evening transports you to another dimension in which marching in a circle with your fellow diners feels completely natural. Every aspect of this evening is exquisitely done, creating an experience which is completely unique and absolutely unforgettable – I didn’t want it to end.

For tickets and information head to the Gingerline Website.

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