Where to sit at the Olivier Theatre – National Theatre, London

The Olivier Theatre is one of those modern style theatres offering fantastic views from every seat. The theatre is wide, only slightly curved and very well raked so your view is always good. I only managed to get photos from the circle, but the view in the stalls will be exactly the same only closer.

Firstly, I’ve included a little side on photo to demonstrate the fact that every seat will provide a fabulous view.

Where to sit - Olivier Theatre, National Theatre, London - Theatress 7

Side View

These photos are from the very edges of the theatre. I sat right on the edge about half way up in the circle. The view was fantastic but I did feel a little detached from this show with it being quite an intimate one (follies). Nevertheless, I’d definitely sit here again.

Central View

This is from the very front of the circle. The central section provides a great view no matter what level of the theatre you’re on.

Where to sit - Olivier Theatre, National Theatre, London - Theatress 3

Rear Circle

The view from the very back of the theatre – still fab, even on the side!

The shows at this theatre are designed to play to every corner of the auditorium. This combined with the fact that the theatre is modern and brilliantly designed means that you’ll never have a bad view.

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One Comment

  1. mphtheatregirl

    Each year, it is typically either Belk Theatre or Ovens Auditorium for me.

    I learned recently what the best seats for Belk- in the orchestra, it is best to start sitting in the second half, which is where the incline starts in that theatre and then from Grand Tier to Mezzanine to Balcony- all are good seats. The only seats you really don’t want in Belk for a musical are the box seats- you wouldn’t be able to see anything. Belk is a horseshoe shape. Belk has been designed for symphonies- that is when the box seats are the best, not the musicals; Charlotte Ballet; tours, and musicians- Belk is after all the main theatre in Charlotte, NC.

    Ovens never has a bad seat- you get a good view anywhere. For a while I thought Belk was bigger because it had more levels; recently learned Ovens was bigger in terms of audience. Ovens is wider and deeper. Ovens just has orchestra, mezzanine, balcony. The mezzanine and balcony share the 2nd level. The Mezzanine is the best section in the 2nd level, in my opinion.

    To live in Charlotte, North Carolina means seeing tours. Blumenthal Performing Arts has come up with one of the most impressive seasons this upcoming season (the 2019-2020 season).


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