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Way back in 2016 I embarked on one of the most incredible 2 week journeys of my life. I don’t say that lightly. This 2 weeks was towards the end of a whole 9 months travelling Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the USA through a mixture of solo travel, group travel and bits and bobs with friends. Still, my 2 weeks with TrekAmerica remains to this day 2 of the best weeks of my life.

Before we go on let me reassure you that this is not gifted, sponsored or anything else of that sort. I was just a genuinely fantastic experience that I want to share.

TrekAmerica has pretty much the entirety of the USA covered with tours of different styles, budgets and lengths. I did the ‘Mountain Trail’ – a 14 day adventure from Seattle to Los Angeles through some of the USA’s most incredible National Parks. Here are a few reasons why I loved it so much.

The People – TrekAmerica specialises in tours for 18-38 year olds which means you’re travelling with like minded individuals of similar ages to you. Most tours have a maximum of 13 passengers making it really easy to get to know everyone really well. On our tour we had people from all four corners of the world and all but 2 were solo travellers! By the end of the tour we were a very tight knit bunch and many tears were shed as we said our goodbyes.

The Guides – TrekAmerica use ‘home grown’ tour leaders which means that your tour guide will be born and bread in the states. That’s great because in my experience, they have so much passion for the beautiful country they’re showing you. They know all the secret spots, all the best tips and tricks and they genuinely love the places you’re visiting. I’m still eternally grateful for our incredible tour guide Ashley for making our experience so incredibly special.

Accommodation – If I were you, I’d try and book onto a camping tour. Sleeping under the stars in these breathtaking locations is an experience in itself. Pitching your tents together in the evenings, cooking out in the open and bonding around the campfire just adds to this amazing adventure and helps you get to know everyone so much better. Camping means you’re all together in the great outdoors – not separated in hotel rooms connected to the wifi! Theres nothing better than getting back to basics. The hotels we did stay at (you can’t camp in big cities of course) were absolutely beautiful – some of the nicest I’ve ever stayed at honestly. If you’re not a camper, they offer budget lodging and PLUS tours so you can have all your creature comforts if you want them!

Back to Basics – That leads me on to my next point. You’re offline, taking in new extraordinary sights, meeting new people, breathing in that fresh mountain air, trekking through canyons, sleeping under the stars. There’s just nothing better.

Locations – TrekAmerica really does take you to the most incredible places in the Americas. Their itineraries are brilliant. I can’t tell you the amount of time I’ve wasted scrolling through their website fantasising about my next trip.

Budget – OK so I never expected to write this one when I booked!! I remember booking and thinking ‘this better be good cause its hella expensive!!!’. Let me tell you, I’d spend that money again in a heartbeat. Yes, it feels like a lot BUT you’re getting a top quality product. The best routes, great transport, fab guides, brilliant accommodation. Another thing I found to be fantastic was the food kitty for the camping tours. $10 a day for all your meals while camping. I’ve been on other tours where tour leaders really rip you off on the food side of things because they get their meals for free and its just not cool. Although it’s a big lump sum, I honestly feel like Trek tours are incredibly good value for money!

I think that pretty much sums it up. I’ve travelled with 4 different small group tour companies in various parts of the world and my 2 weeks with TrekAmerica stands out from the rest. I’ll never forget that incredible experience, the extraordinary friends I made and the stunning sights I saw.

If you’re thinking about it – go for it.

I’ll be writing more about my specific trip soon so check back!!

For more information about Trek America click here!

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