TrekAmerica Travel | Mountain Trail | Day 1 – Seattle to Montana

Day 1 of the Mountain Trail see’s you heading from Seattle to Montana. It’s a long old travel day but that makes it the perfect day to get to know your brand new travel pals. I really do believe that this chance to get to know each other set us up for the most incredible 14 days together.

I got to Seattle a couple of days early so I could explore the city before the tour began and I’m so glad I did. Seattle is a beautiful city right on the water surrounded by stunning snow-topped mountains. It’s home to the first ever Starbucks, the world famous Pike Place Market and the sky high Space Needle. There is certainly enough to keep you busy for 2 or 3 days pre-tour! I loved wandering around and taking in the sights of this small, bustling city. I stayed at the Green Tortoise Hostel and it was fab!

Favourite Spot – Head to Kerry Park for the best panoramic views of the city with the amazing Mount Ranier in the background. See the bottom right picture!


Our group first met super early on Day 1 of the tour at the assigned hotel which was inconveniently nowhere near the city centre. Staying here the night before would be a good idea but if I remember correctly, it wasn’t cheap. A quick meeting and ice-breaker later, we were flinging our backpacks into the trailer, hopping into the minivan and setting off on the most incredible 14 day adventure.

As I mentioned before, this is a long travel day but our amazing guide did a fab job of making it fun. We stopped off on our first grocery haul, did an amazing mini-hike to a beautiful lookout and of course took a couple of toilet break/soda stops along the way. When we finally arrived in Montana we were greeted by a beautiful campsite with stunning views – a positive sign of things to come. Although we didn’t spend long in Montana (literally just this night) driving through the gorgeous landscape is enough to give you a little taste. It’s definitely a state I’d like to visit again someday and do properly!

That night we had our first cookout, learnt how to pitch our tents (that quickly became second nature) and had our first taste of smores around the campfire.

Trek America Review - Mountain Trail - Theatress - Travel Blog 6

So that’s it for Day 1 of the Mountain Trail – a pretty simple travel day but a pretty good sign of what was to come – 14 days of good company and breathtaking sights. It only got better from here!

Stay tuned for Days 2 and 3 at Yellowstone National Park!

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